Habitat Creation Services

Green Ways has supported developers and ecologists across the South East with many habitat creation projects. Each project has its own unique challenges which is why our consultancy services along with our highly skilled operators are chosen time and time again to support with habitat creation.

In essence habitat creation requires the construction of an animal’s home to another location. For a successful and efficient relocation, it is imperative that the job is done right otherwise there is stress for the animals and time wated for ecologists and developers.

Habitat creation involves mimicking not just the dwelling of an animal rather the whole surrounding that they live within. This can involve the creation of ponds, planting , reconstruction of dwellings and food resources.

Our mission is to consider every individual and animal involved in the habitat creation process. This includes ensuring the animals themselves receive minimal impact, the ecologists are fully engaged with throughout and the developers get a job done right the first time to minimise delays and costly reworks.

Habitat Creation Projects

Creating Bee Banks for Habitat Creation in Essex

Bee Banks Creation

As part of our habitat creation services, we worked alongside Derek Finnie Associates ecologists to create these bee banks in Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. The bee bank

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