Badger Protection Works

Badger Mitigation Services

Green Ways provides badger mitigation services. We are highly skilled in the creation of badger fencing, badger gates, sett creation and habitat creation.

Our badger protection works include fencing services that can be used to contain, prevent access or encourage the relocation of badgers via specific routes.

Our mission is to support ecologists and developers with badger protection services ensuring low impact and efficient badger protection works.

Badgers can be extremely stubborn animals when it comes to using their pre-established routes of access. We have years of experiences in badger protection and understand the type of fencing and location of fencing to maximise the efficiency of re-routing badgers from their existing location with minimal disturbance to their sett. To ensure a smooth and effective relocation it is imperative to prevent the badgers from digging back to their original location. We understand the time pressures faced by developers and the concerns faced by ecologists, so we believe in do it once and do it right.

Badger Protection Works

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