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Vegetation Management & Clearance Services

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Vegetation Management & Clearance ServicesVegetation and site clearance plays a vital role in animal mitigation and translocation projects. Often specialist machinery is brought on site by an ecological contractor prior to destructive searches to sensitively prepare the land for development. Only a handful of countryside management companies across the UK have the expertise to conduct animal mitigation and habitat creation work.

There are a variety of techniques involved in vegetation clearance. This can include the removal of a species-poor habitat, such as a coniferous plantation, where the felled timber can be used for invertebrate habitat. These cleared areas can then be re-planted with deciduous trees or species-rich grassland for example.

A further technique known as ‘soft felling’ is used when there is the risk of bats being present. In
this instance, a tree that has been recognised by an ecologist as having ‘bat’ potential is climbed
and after cutting, carefully lowered down in sections to allow any bats to escape from the tree.

Where there are areas of grassland associated with the proposed development of the land, it is
important to carry out grass cutting in an ecologically sensitive way. This involves carrying out
‘phased’ cutting to differing heights to allow the capture of animals and to ensure
animal mortality is kept to a minimum.

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