Rights of Way Maintenance

Rights of Way Maintenance

  • We are fully qualified in countryside management
  • We are approved contractors to local authorities, conservation organisations, ecologists and developers
  • We understand the needs of individual clients
  • We are committed to delivering excellent service, to time and budget

Rights of Way MaintenanceIn England and Wales, there are over 140,000 miles of public pathways. These include footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways, permissive paths and byways open to all traffic (BOATs). Each highway authority is required to review their Rights of Way Improvement Plan at least every ten years and maintain the public rights of way under their jurisdiction. Landowners and occupiers are required to, amongst others:

  • keep rights of way clear from obstructions
  • warn users of potential dangers nearby
  • keep stiles and gates in good working order
  • rights of way maintenance
  • provide adequate bridges where required
  • never keep a known aggressive animal in a field with public access
  • ensure that paths over cultivated land remain clear and to at least the minimum width at all times
    without obstruction from crops

Green Ways Countryside Management is mostly called upon by local authorities and private
land owners to install bridges, stiles, gates, fencing and signage, together with clearance of
undergrowth, hedge cutting and tree felling.

Please contact us to discuss your rights of way maintenance requirements.

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