Animal Mitigation Services

Animal Mitigation Services

  • We are fully qualified in countryside management
  • We are approved contractors to local authorities, conservation organisations, ecologists and developers
  • We understand the needs of individual clients
  • We are committed to delivering excellent service, to time and budget

Animal Mitigation ServicesAround the world, thousands of animal species are endangered and therefore protected by law. Unbeknown to most people though, there are many protected species right here in the UK including the great crested newt, barbastella bat and common lizard. Half of all amphibian species around the world are now in decline, with climate change, habitat loss and disease being the key contributors. Animal mitigation services are something that we at Green Ways are proud to be able to provide, to help protect these species.

Prior to the release of land to be developed, most sites require animal mitigation works. This is where Green Ways, an ecological contractor, works alongside ecologists to install specialist animal mitigation fencing, traps, etc to ensure the protection of reptiles, amphibians and other wildlife within a certain area. We can recommend an experienced ecologist, should you not already be working with one.

The endangered wildlife populations are then carefully removed by the ecological teams
and re-located. Sometimes specific habitat creation or enhancement is required to
ensure animals continue to thrive.

Please contact us to discuss your animal mitigation requirements.

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